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Virtual Open House

Join us to walk the halls of De La Salle.

Academic Excellence

  • 75% of our seniors earn a Merit-Based Scholarship their first year in college.
  • All post-secondary institutions offer some sort of scholarship dollars to incoming freshmen.
  • 95% graduation rate to college, university, or military academy.
  • 5% enter the workforce or skilled trades right out of school.

New Opportunities

Not just high school. Here you will form lifelong relationships that will flourish well outside our walls. The values and morals instilled at De La Salle sets your child on the right path in this ever noisy world we live in. Every year we hear from our Alumni how much our institution shaped and changed their lives. Join the brotherhood today.

Athletic Performance

De La Salle is renowned for excellence not only in the classroom but in athletics as well.  For decades, the Pilots have been a dominant force in MHSAA sports, using our teams as another opportunity to foster brotherhood, build character and teach hard work. 

The athletic program offers 14 sports, and 27 teams including the new Esports team, providing lots of opportunities for young men interested in athletics. 

Spiritual Growth

De La Salle engages in programs in which students’ personal, social and religious views have a strong foundation to take root.  Our students grow mature attitudes and behavior in fellowship, that form lifelong relationships.

Together we are stronger as we practice “Faith in You” in all we do, say, and how we act. It is Our Promise to be a beacon for Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. As Team De La Salle, this moral compass will guide us forward. Together we will move forward in Faith that we have fulfilled our promise. We have faith in you.

Financial Assistance

“Do not let tuition be the reason your son is not at De La Salle, because we won’t!”

The core values of Lasallian education is being inclusive and providing a quality education for all, therefore we provide a phenomenal tuition assistance program that is available to all families, regardless of income. 

We urge every family to go through the financial aid process and remain committed to finding a reasonable solution to tuition. There are several ways to help reduce tuition fees. 

In fact, De La Salle awarded over $2.1 million in aid to the current student body for the 2021-22 academic year!

Transportation Available - Tuition Assistance

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