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Come to De La Salle to have a first hand experience of what it means to be a part of the DLS Brotherhood. Our Pilot For A Day Shadow experience gives potential new students an inside look as to what life is really like at De La Salle while building a solid education based on Lasallian principles. Becoming a Pilot For A Day is a unique look into life as a Pilot and provides an inside perspective from our current students.


Come in for the De La Salle experience and ride in the jump seat with one of our students for a look at education that is founded in brotherhood.

  • Walk the halls
  • Meet students and faculty
  • Learn about Our School
dls de la salle students conducting science pilot for a day

Having a guide through this life transition helps your son ease into a different schedule, new friends, and environments. Experiencing the campus first hand before attending allows your Pilot to know the inside scoop and get ahead.

At DLS, our students build life long friendships that transcend borders. Our proud alumni are always the first to tell you they are a grad, at 25 years old or 85. Lasallian education and values are the building blocks for past, present, and future pilots and their ongoing success.

dls de la salle pilot for a day football athletics
dls de la salle pilot for a day 360 virtual tour

Ready to explore?

Take a look at our virtual tour to get a sneak peak at life behind the walls at De La Salle Collegiate!


Making connections
that last a lifetime

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