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Schedule a Pilot For a Day

Any 8th-grade student can visit for the day with a current student, attend class, and experience what life is like at De La Salle Collegiate. These visits can occur on any school day that we are in session.

Attend a Future Pilot Appreciation Night

Visit with De La Salle Collegiate faculty and staff to learn about our unique Lasallian community while cheering on our Pilots at various sporting events.

Attend our Open House

Take a tour with a current student and learn more about De La Salle Collegiate. All teachers, administrators, coaches, and moderators will be on hand to answer your questions.


High School Placement Test Workshops

The De La Salle Collegiate HSPT Prep Course is a great opportunity for students to go over the subject material that will be on the exam. It’s also a great opportunity for students to feel more comfortable with the test structure by taking a full practice exam in a classroom setting. Each session is TWO DAYS long. Students only need to sign up for one session.

Take the High School Placement Test

All 8th grade students who are interested in De La Salle Collegiate are required to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT)  as part of the admission process.  The HSPT is administered to determine admissions decisions, class placement, as well as scholarship awards. 

The HSPT provides a baseline that is consistent for all students who are interested in attending De La Salle Collegiate.  Whether you have attended a public or private middle school, or were in-person or virtual learning- the HSPT will provide us with an additional resource for our Academic Team to ensure your son is placed on the appropriate educational path for him to succeed as a De La Salle Pilot.


Start your journey towards becoming #CollegiateCommitted. Submit your initial application to the online portal. Having your application in by mid December will ensure a priority admissions decision, priority class placement and registration, as well as priority access to tuition assistance consideration.


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